lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009


Artist: Mnegarm
Album: Nattvsen
Year: 2009
Rel. Date: 2009-11-27
Genre: Metal
Label: Regain Records
Source: CD
Type: Album
Encoder: LAME 3.97
Quality: VBR, 44.1kHz, Joint Stereo

The band started from the ideas of Svenne
Rosendal, Jonas Almquist, and Pierre Wilhelmsson
in 1995. After securing another guitarist in
Mrten Matsson and a drummer in Erik Grawsi, they
began rehearsing as Antikrist. By 1996, they had
changed their name to Mnegarm, after the vampire
wolf of Norse legend, apt for a band concentrating
on Viking metal, and early that year, they began
recording first demo Vargaresa (Wolfs Journey) in
1996. After the recording, Rosendal and Matsson
left to be replaced by Jonny Wranning (vocals) and
Markus And (guitar).With the second demo, Ur
Nattvindar, folk metal became part of their sound,
including violins and female vocals for the first
time, and they were signed by Displeased Records.
Soon afterwards, Wranning left the band and was
replaced by Viktor Hemgren. At the end of the
year, they went back into Sunlight studios to
record their first full-length album,
Nordstjrnans Tidslder (The Age of the
Northstar). In the summer of 1999, they began
recording their next album, Havets Vargar. Because
of some difficulty with the recording studio, they
took some time off from recording the album.
During this time off, Viktor Hemgren was fired,
but instead of finding a new vocalist, Grawsi
assumed the duties along with his drumming. Also
during this time, Janne Liljekvist was added as a
full member. With the line up now solidified, they
finished recording the album and released it in
2000. The bands two demos were remastered and
released as an album in 2004, with fourth studio
album Vredens Tid (Age of Wrath) issued in 2005,
followed by performances on the European festival
circuit that summer. After one further EP on
Displeased, a completely-acoustic folk music EP,
Urminnes Hvd (The Forest Sessions), the band
moved to Swedish label Black Lodge, who issued the
groups sixth album, Vargstenen (Wolf Stone) in
2007. This seventh album is released on November
2009 via Regain Records, enjoy!

1. Mina Fders Hall 5:12
2. Nattsjl, Drmsjl 5:54
3. Bergagasten 5:10
4. I Den Svartaste Jord 7:17
5. Hraesvelg 1:49
6. Vetrarmegin 4:59
7. Draugen 4:17
8. Nattvsen 5:51
9. Delling 4:38