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are SO proud to present

ARTiST..: Lamb Of God
TiTLE...: Pure American Metal EP
LABEL...: Epic Records

RiP-DATE......: Jul-23-2004
STREET-DATE...: Aug-31-2004

RiPPER........: KzTeam
GENRE.........: Metal

SOURCE........: CDDA
ENCODER.......: Lame

PLAY-TiME.....: 18:17 min
SiZE..........: 30,10 MB

kBits......: VBR
kHz........: 44.1
Mode.......: Joint-Stereo

TRACKS.#......: 05



01 Bloodletting 01:58
02 The Subtle Arts Of Murder And Persuasion 04:10
03 11th Hour 03:43
04 Black Label (Live) 04:38
05 Laid To Rest (Demo) 03:48


New Lamb Of God LP comes out August 31, 2004 -- buy
it! Until then, enjoy this fucking awesome Ozzfest

Originally known by the less-than-subtle moniker
Burn the Priest, Richmond, VA-based Lamb of God
decided to change their name shortly after the
release of a self-titled debut in 1998. Featuring
vocalist Randy Blythe, guitarists Mark Morton and
Will Adler, bassist John Campbell, and drummer Chris
Adler, the newly rechristened Lamb of God was
launched in the year 2000 with their acclaimed New
American Gospel album. The group then embarked on a
lengthy touring spree, spending much of the next two
years preaching their pure American death metal at
major heavy metal festivals and small clubs alike.
Work on a follow-up effort with producer and
Strapping Young Lad mastermind Devin Townsend took
place in between these many road jaunts, so that
Lamb of Gods sophomore As the Palaces Burn was
released in summer 2003.

This EP was signed by the band.. so check out their
signatures. KzT pimps it with the best of em.

Squirrels are funny animals.


KzT is an external group
formed in mid. April 2003,
to bring everyone some more
Punk music and providing quality
music to people, old new.
We will always go by the moto of
Quality before Quantity, bringin
you the best bands and musicians ,
that make good shit and not messin
around fighting other groups...
(you know who you spread).
Remember..No Coke, No Rips.
Youre Ugly (cuz you use


iRC....: Not for You
eMAiL..: KzT_Rip_Group@
WWW....: Not Available

We are looking for...

+ Rippers who can supply us with
good CDs and quality rips. NOT
us if you wanna join our group
and think you can contribute us
as a team.
+ Spare dumps, so if you got any
spare space on your HD or think
you can help us with finding an
appropriate dump- msg us.
+ Legal, Vhosted shells.
+ 100mbit+ topsites so if youre a
siteop and lookin for affils


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last.update: 06/01/2004