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Morbid Angel-Blessed Are The Sick (Remastered)

COMPANY..: Earache
STYLE....: Death Metal
DATE.....: 08-07-2004

MODE.....: Joint-Stereo


01. Intro 01:27
02. Fall from Grace 05:13
03. Brainstorm 02:35
04. Rebal Lands 02:41
05. Doomsday Celebration 01:49
06. Day of Suffering 01:55
07. Blessed Are the Sick-Leading the Rats 04:47
08. Thy Kingdom Come 03:25
09. Unholy Blasphemies 02:10
10. Abominations 04:27
11. Desolate Ways 01:41
12. The Ancient Ones 05:54
13. In Rememberance 01:25

Total Time: 39:29 min


This is the original recording from 1991 remastered. For
those of you who dont know, this is Morbid Angels
second album.


2004 is now well upon us and represents AMRCs
5th year in the mp3 scene. This has definitely
been a year of ups and downs. Some other groups
have taken the opportunity to slag us due to a
small percentage of questionable releases out of
the thousands we have released throughout our history.
Well, we will be the first to admit that we are only
human, and humans are prone to error, no matter
how careful they try to be. We strive to put
out the quality releases that youd expect from
a group as old and hard-working as we are in AMRC.
You can rest assured that we will always do our
best to find and resolve any problems with our rips,
or the group as quickly as possible when it is deemed
necessary or proper to do so. To the groups
who have said that AMRC is dead or say that we
re-encode everything just because weve had some
errors in our rips every now and then... were very
much alive and continuing with our legacy to release
the music that we enjoy and believe in. Before
you judge us and say that were lame, take a
look at your own track records. Im sure youll
see that youre not so perfect after all. To
the siteops, groups, and most importantly,
friends that have stuck by us for yet another year,
we salute you and thank you for believing in us...
keep it real!

This has been a scary year for us all due to
Operation Fastlink, we encourage the rest of
the groups in the mp3 scene and ALL scenes to
always be as secure as possible, and try your
best to keep our rips as well as yours away
from the p2p networks and public IRC channels.
Even more importantly, STOP people from selling
the fucking releases. If you know someone in
the scene thats doing it, do what you need to
in order to make others aware and get them the
hell away from the scene. People who sell
releases fuck things up for everyone and are
the main cause for shit like Fastlink and
Buccaneer to happen. We know that its nearly
impossible to control every aspect of the scene
and guard every nook and cranny against unwanted
attention and unsecure people, but it is in ALL
of our best interests to keep the scene closed
and private as much as possible to preserve
security and the existence of the scene itself.

We in AMRC support the groups that we release
music from, and we wish them the best in their
careers. We make no profit out of this musical
adventure, and we allow people in the scene to
discover many great bands that might never get
heard otherwise.

As always, we leave you with one piece of advice,
if you like this release... BUY IT!!

These artists need to be able to make a
living also, and theyre not all rich and
comfortable like you might assume they are, if
you really like their music, they deserve your


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personal friends, all other quality groups from the
mp3, tv, 0-day, iso, and movie scenes.


- Promo rippers, shells, dumps, IRC bncs wanted!
- If youre meant to know, you will know how
to reach us ;)
- We dont send files or requests, have a
public channel or xdcc, dont bother looking.

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