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Dream Evil-In The Night

Company ...: Century Media
Style .....: Heavy Metal
Source ....: CDDA
Date ......: 01-25-2010

Grabber ...: EAC
Encoder ...: LAME 3.97
Quality ...: -V 2 --vbr-new
Mode ......: Joint-Stereo


01. Immortal 04:38
02. In the Night 03:15
03. Bang Your Head 03:52
04. See the Light 03:40
05. Electric 03:50
06. Frostbite 03:31
07. On the Wind 03:45
08. The Ballad 04:52
09. In the Fires of the Sun 04:41
10. Mean Machine 04:05
11. Kill, Burn, Be Evil 02:51
12. The Unchosen One 03:37
13. Good Nightmare (bonus track) 04:00
14. The Return (bonus track) 03:32

Total Time: 54:09 min


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