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Artist......: Dream Theater
Track Title.: Wither
Genre.......: Progressive Metal
Rip date....: 2009-12-14
Length......: 00:05:26
Size........: 54 MB
Resolution..: 528x352 (AR: 1.776)
Format......: x264 NTSC 23.976 FPS / 1167 kbps
Audio.......: 44100Hz VBR MP3 222kbps
Deinterlace.: Manual IVTC
Video Source: DVB-S
Audio Source: CDDA (YSP)

new vid, enjoy :)

01. Wither [5:26]

Stoned Ripping Project was founded in 2003 with the sole aim
of providing the scene with the best Rock Metal vids from
all around the world. We do this for the love of the music,
and of course, for fun. Despite the ease with which you can
find streaming videos online today, we feel that releasing
high quality rips, free of restrictions, is as important now
as it has ever been.

If youre interested in helping, we could use the following:

+ Dedicated Rippers. Some training can be provided.
+ Suppliers. Pure digital streams from Headbangers ball
and other metal shows or DVD/Promo sources.
* Specifically NTSC streams from US, CA, KR

...if you have a source with new videos, contact us!

- All Enquiries: srp @ mail . az

Our utmost respect to all those who have helped us out in
some way or another, past and present.

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