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Zyklon-Storm Detonation Live-DVD

Company ...: Candlelight
Style .....: Black Metal
Source ....: DVD
Date ......: 03-17-2006

Grabber ...: EAC
Encoder ...: LAME 3.0.93 MOD 2006
Quality ...: VBR kbps
Mode ......: Joint-Stereo


01. Live at the Party San Open Air 2004 44:25
02. Psyklon Aeon (Video) 03:17
03. Core Solution (Video) 03:52
04. Private Recordings 28:28

Total Time: 80:02 min


Well, i usualy dont proper, lost race is a lost race
But VIC managed to cut out half the stuff
and also come out with very low bitrate on the songs they catched
theirs has an average bitrate on 172.9
ours are at 213 kb/s, a slight differece :)

1-Live at Party San Open Air 2004 tracklist:
01. Core Solution
02. Worm World
03. Subtle Manipulation
04. Transcendental War
05. Psyklon Aeon
06. Two Thousand Years
07. Deduced To Overkill
08. The Prophetic Method
09. Hammer Revelation

2-Psyklon Aeon Video
3-Core Solution Video

4-private recordings

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