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[ release info ]

artist: Slayer
album: Reign In Blood (Remastered)
label: American

genre: Metal
rip date: 02/14/2004
rel date: 00/00/1998
# tracks: 12
size: 59,6 MB
time: 34:54 min
ripper: fuckitall

encoder: Lame 3.90.3
quality: --alt-preset standard (VBR)

[ about this release ]

Original Released: 10/1986

Expanded Edition - Digitally remastered with 2 Bonus

[ track listing ]
trk title time

01 Angel Of Death 04:52
02 Piece By Piece 02:03
03 Necrophobic 01:41
04 Altar Of Sacrifice 02:51
05 Jesus Saves 02:54
06 Criminally Insane 02:23
07 Reborn 02:12
08 Epidemic 02:23
09 Postmortem 03:28
10 Raining Blood 04:17
11 Aggressive Perfector (Fast Version) 02:30
12 Criminally Insane (Remix) 03:20

[ about us ]
iRO is an internal release group, which means we
release outside of the regular mp3 scene. We do this
purely for the public, so you can hear that hard-to-
find album, that release you could never find the
scene rip of, and the actual retails of albums at
proper quality standards so you can decide whether
you really want to buy them or not; all without
asking for anything in return.

Also, unlike our predecessors, iRO gives back first
to the people who do all the work, the rippers. With
this thought at heart, all members have an equal say
in all group decisions and are welcome in all group
channels. Equality, quality and democracy, values
all good groups should share.

With the introduction of the year 2004, comes change.
As of 01/01/2004, iRO will now be encoding in the APS
standard (VBR). Our past two years of work, all done
in the CBR standard, will remain in tact.

We are currently looking for fast ftps to serve as
pubs and member sites, as well as xdcc shell
providers. If you can help out by providing one of
these to this noble cause please come visit us in
#iRO on EFNET and leave a message with a member.

- Damnir /iRO

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irc: #iRO on EFnet (public room)
#iROtrials on EFnet (trial room)

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