domingo, 14 de junio de 2009



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Artist......: Eluveitie
Track Title.: Omnos
Genre.......: Folk Metal
Rip date....: 2009-06-13
Length......: 00:03:47
Size........: 58 MB
Resolution..: 704x560 (AR: 1.755)
Format......: x264 PAL 25 FPS / 1923 kbps
Audio.......: 44100Hz VBR MP3 229kbps
Deinterlace.: None (Progressive)
Video Source: DVB-T
Audio Source: CDDA (iND)

New vid of there latest all-acoustic album, Evocation I -
The Arcane Dominion!

Some very small parts had to be manually deinterlaced, due to
post-production effects.


01. Omnos [3:47]

Stoned Ripping Project focuses on ripping the best new videos
from the rock and metal genres. The type of videos we release
are often rarely shown on tv and if they are, its usually at
some weird early-morning timeslot. Our aim is to liberate the
enjoyment of these videos to anytime, in the best quality
possible. Now in our fifth year, wed like to thank all those
who have helped to make us what we are now.

At the moment we are only looking for a few things:

+ 100+MBiT Secure ASIA/EUROPE sites to affil
+ Experienced Encoders (Own source not required!)
+ Stream rippers with access to digital streams we dont
currently rip.

You know how to contact us.

Greetings to the competition and all those who make this game

AyLieN/cRO v0.33