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Deicide-Scars of the Crucifix

Company..: Earache
Style....: Death Metal
Source...: CDDA
Date.....: 03-17-2004

Grabber..: Audiograbber
Encoder..: LAME
Quality..: VBR kbps
Mode.....: Joint-Stereo


01. Scars Of The Crucifix 03:08
02. Mad At God 03:05
03. Conquered By Sodom 02:59
04. Fuck Your God 03:32
05. When Heaven Burns 04:08
06. Enchanted Nightmare 02:12
07. From Darkness Come 02:58
08. Go Now Your Lord Is Dead 01:55
09. The Pentecostal 05:36

Total Time: 29:33 min
Band Info:

After bringing you the promo i bring u the retail
aswell, would have done it awhile ago but work was
more important then some mp3s so now i have some time
i ripped it,
first off before u bash it read
my promo was split tracks and didnt have some shit in
the retail, the retail that was released was
imporperlly nuked as a dupe to my release which it
wasnt but might aswell have been since it had the same
ass sound, but u could tell it wasnt my promo just by
the first 20 seconds of the first track cause mine
didnt have an intro
thirdly this one has alot clearer sound and isnt
crackly like the other retail that was ripped so
enjoi this one and soforth but i know u all should
have bought it by now and if not god save your soul



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masses! To all the siteops and friends out
there who have supported and believed in us in
past, present, and will do so into the future,
many thanks, and greets fly out to you all.

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