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FNT is fucking proud to present

Hatesphere-Ballet of the Brute

Artist: Hatesphere
Album: Ballet of the Brute
Label: Century Media
Genre: Metal
Rip date: Jun-30-2004
Street date: Jul-27-2004
Size: 77,5 MB
Type: Album
Quality: VBR kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo

UBE released the EU promo of this back in May, but
here FNT brings you the US retail version, complete
with two bonus tracks. The album drops the end of
July and is definitely good stuff. Heres a little
bit about the band below:

HateSphere: a quintet of Danes who personify male
angsts lethal aggression. Blurring the lines
between thrash and death metal, the band refines
thundering drum tracks, dual-guitar leads, melodic
death growls, and singular doomy moments to a fine
distillation. Like jet fuel, Ballet Of The Brute is
at once powerful and explosive. Recorded at
Jailhouse Studios (Pretty Maids, TNT) with producer
Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Gamma Ray), the result is
crushing. Herein the band introduces two new
members: rock-solid guitarist Henrik Jacobsen and
formidable drummer Ander Gyldenhr. Already slated
to tour Europe three times in the summer of 2004,
including an appearance at Germanys Summer Breeze
Festival, worldwide devastation is sure to follow.
The band began as Cauterized and later changed the
name to Necrosis before settling on HateSphere. The
addition of guitarist Ziggy and bassist Mikael
Ehlert Hansen solidified the band, and the
recording of a self-titled release for the
now-defunct Serious Entertainment ensued. When
Serious went under, Scarlet noted HateSpheres
talent and re-released the debut. With
international acclaim already pouring in,
HateSphere was then released on Soundholic in Japan
to even more rave reviews. With one successful
release under the bands belt, HateSphere recorded
follow-up album Bloodred Hatred at Jailhouse
Studios again with producer Tommy Hansen. The
incredible result quickly caught Century Medias
attention, and the resulting U.S. license began an
American conversion. The band unleashed a
full-throttle European demolition in 2003, touring
with The Haunted and Mastodon.
Ballet Of The Brute opens with the sudden impact of
The Beginning And The End, gracefully riffing its
way between melody and violence. Sharp twists,
rapid changes and fluid gear-shiftings make
Deathtrip a lesson in monumental ferociousness.
Both songs lead up to Vermin, markedly more
melodic with notable choruses and hooks, yet still
unrelentingly vicious. Drummer Ander Gylanhr
drives the band with his unflagging fury, giving
the twin-guitar attack of Hansen and Jacobsen a
firm base from which to launch their merciless
assault. What I See I Despise is an illustration
in controlled rage, with feral vocals and massive
guitar work climaxing in a melodic solo reminiscent
of Arch Enemys Michael Amott. With devastating
effect, HateSphere drops Warhead near the end to
finish off anyone previously left standing. Fans of
Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity and The Forsaken will
revel in the belligerence-laden strains that
reverberate through every moment of Ballet Of The

01. the beginning and the end [01:57]
02. deathtrip [01:53]
03. vermin [04:38]
04. downward to nothing [02:58]
05. only the strongest [03:52]
06. what i see i despise [05:12]
07. last cut last head [04:19]
08. warhead [03:56]
09. blankeyed [02:32]
10. 500 dead people [05:13]
11. bark at the moon (bonus track) [03:50]
12. caught in the mosh (bonus track) [05:13]

45:33 min

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