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[ Tr - Ragnarok ]

[ Genre: Metal ][ Encoder: LAME ]
[ Type: Album ][ Quality: VBR/44,1/Joint-Stereo]
[ Songs: 16 ][ Grabber: Audiograbber ]
[ Rls Date: 30-08-2006 ][ Source: CDDA ]
[ Company: n/a ][ Size: 103.9 MB ]
[ Cat Nr: n/a ][ Length: 60:53 min ]

Release comments



01.The Beginning 05:07
02.The Hammer of Thor 06:39
03.Envy 01:10
04.Brothers Bane 05:01
05.The Burning 01:57
06.The Ride to Hel 06:13
07.Torsteins Kvaedi 04:55
08.Grmur Midalnesi 00:56
09.Wings of Time 06:26
10.The Rage of the Skullgaffer 02:02
11.The Hunt 05:48
12.Victory 00:59
13.Lord of Lies 06:03
14.Gjallarhornid 00:27
15.Ragnarok 06:32
16.The End 00:38

Total Size: 103.9 MB
Total Playtime: 60:53

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